CorrLoc products have been crafted by natural physics. For years, humans have relied on nature’s patterns to create dependable, and aesthetically pleasing structures. We see these recurrent patterns in art, architecture, and engineering. Likewise, our products use the same science that plants use in order to create the strongest possible form.

Go ahead, put it to the test.

Crush-tested to ensure that they hold up to outside pressures, our products protect your products. Our technology allows for incredibly durable pallets that do the same job as new wood pallets, in a more cost-effective and easier-to-handle method.


Custom engineered CorrLoc products are designed in 3D CAD software using geometry found in nature. The golden ratio is a mathematical proportion seen repeatedly in plants, shells, animal bodies, architecture, and art. The base of all of CorrLoc’s products, the patented Rail design, has been modeled using this pattern.

The key to our patented design, the Corrloc Rail, transfers vertical energy, giving it a superior strength to weight ratio versus a new wood pallet. A Corrloc pallet will weigh about 1/3 of a similar size pallet constructed out of lumber. Our pallets are also 100% recyclable, and can be disposed of in the same way you handle your corrugated paper today, in bulk or processed through a compactor.

Triangle Part of CAD

The base of all of our products, the CorrLoc Rail, withstands different vertical pressures based on its size. It is able to transfer vertical energy, giving it a superior strength to weight ratio, which is seen in all of our products. Each product is also able to absorb lateral energy. We can custom engineer any product to fit your needs and address your problems, such as applying pressure sensitive tape for the Rail’s use with Class A surfaces.

Truck Sideways Rails No Raptor

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