Why choose CorrLoc? You’ve been doing business the same way for years, why change your packaging process? CorrLoc’s patented design is unlike anything in the industry today, it’s the modern day solution for your new pallet and packaging problems. We have the future of your business in mind. Welcome to the modern age.



Put our technology to the test and watch it conquer your toughest tasks. The CorrLoc rail, at the core of all of our products, was designed using natural physics to be the strongest base. It can hold 15,000 pounds of static load without the associated weight of wood pallets.

Loaded Pallet



Our corrugate pallets are lighter, typically 1/3 the weight of a pallet made of new lumber. Designed to accommodate all of your needs — like air freight — CorrLoc pallets are lightweight and therefore cost less for air freight.  They can prevent injury, are more efficiently moved and handled, and are ready to ship overseas as they are ISPM-15 compliant.

Small Triangles

CorrLoc prides itself on being a responsible company. We want to help your business be responsible too. You don’t have to sacrifice anything when you go green with CorrLoc. In fact, our 100% recyclable products are eco-conscious, and save you money. They are also resistant to molds and pests, eliminating the use of harmful chemical treatments.



100% recyclable

Typically over 66% less weight than wood

Water resistant (upon request)

Safe and light, easy handling

Export ready/ISMP-15 compliant

Fuel savings

No bugs

No mold

No landfill fees

No nails or splinters

Less cost than comparable wood or plastic pallet


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