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CorrLoc is globally focused with local roots and takes an environmental and cost effective approach to alternative packaging products. We offer many different packaging solutions including pallets, dividers, braces, rails & cases. Each solution is engineered to meet your specific packaging needs.



The CorrLoc Rail can withstand different vertical pressures based on size. It transfers vertical energy, giving it a superior strength to weight ratio. Crush-tested to ensure it holds up to outside pressures, it’s guaranteed to protect your products. CorrLoc Rails are custom engineered to meet your needs for bracing, dividers and corner posts.


The CorrLoc Pallet offers the modern solution to your packaging problems. Lightweight, and more cost effective than pallets manufactured with lumber, the CorrLoc Pallet is the right choice for your products.



Custom engineered to meet your needs. Cross-brace technology allows for parametric packaging. Like our other products, our cases are 100% recyclable. Current applications include glass, marble, steel, mirrors, and high-end electronics.

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